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Ken Peak's 'Peaking in the Rearview Mirror'

Ken is passionate about things 'old school', especially Chevys, music, and Hot August Nights, where he is an Emeritus Director - a group of past Board members who are still very involved; during the main event Ken volunteers in the Hot August Nights Foundation tent, escorts the City of Reno show-and-shine judge, and will be staging cars in downtown Reno.

Another passion is traveling; Ken and wife Kathy have visited all seven continents, and he's been to all 50 states - about 30 of them on Harleys.  Ken and Kathy also share a passion for higher education, establishing three Criminal Justice scholarships and a national innovative teaching award.

Still writing textbooks, Ken formerly held positions as Criminal Justice Professor (32 years at University of Nevada, Reno), twice as a university police chief (University of Nevada, Reno and Pitt State), and a Criminal Justice planner, among others.

For the Reno Corvette Club, Ken has written about many facets for Corvette history, such as their colors, emblems, Indy pace cars, women in Corvette history, GM's astronaut program, 60's 'Route 66' television show, and many others - with more to come.

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Series 1:  Corvette Colors, 1953-2023

Series 2:  Women in Corvette History

Series 3:  Corvette's Pace Cars

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